At a glance...

20+ lives saved in the first years of operation.

500+ wall failures detected.

200+ radars deployed in 24 countries.

12 global offices.

150+ people employed worldwide.

50+ support technicians.

GroundProbe is a global technology leader providing advanced hardware and software solutions to the mining industry. Its specialised suite of products and services allow mine personnel to make confident decisions in open-pit operations to maximise safety and productivity, holding true to its vision of making mining safer.

Australian-based company GroundProbe is a truly multinational business, which evolved from an industry-funded PhD project at the University of Queensland in the 1990s into the leading global supplier of slope stability monitoring solutions. The original research was funded by the Australian Coal Association Research Program and was focused on developing solutions to detect slope failures that did not require physical access to slope walls, and provided real time monitoring in a broad range of conditions. GroundProbe has continued to heavily invest in research and development to deliver market-leading innovative solutions to ensure it has both a strong technical focus and a customer solutions-centred culture.

GroundProbe has focused on improving mine site productivity and safety by increasing decision confidence related to when and where a slope failure will occur. Unforeseen slope failures have the potential to lead to loss of life and equipment which in turn leads to mine sites developing more conservative mine designs (less steep mine walls) and the avoidance of mining particular areas of a pit – both of which incur a significant cost. The improved decision confidence that GroundProbe creates leads to improvements in mine site productivity and safety along each of these dimensions.

Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Vale are amongst some of GroundProbe’s global blue chip mining customers. The company has radar systems operating in 25 countries around the world, supported by a network of 12 offices globally.

All of GroundProbe’s products are supported by a broad portfolio of patents and intellectual property, strengthening its leading market position.

GroundProbe’s industry leadership has been developed through an unwavering customer focus in relation to a number of technology features:

Robust hardware- GroundProbe’s equipment needs to operate in some of the harshest and remote conditions globally. This has led to GroundProbe having a focus on minimising moving parts, using industry best practice components and having a high level of standardisation across its product range.

Intuitive visualisation- The core of GroundProbe’s offering is ensuring mine sites understand the risk of a wall collapse and can set alarms that allow mining to continue if it is safe, and not to risk loss of life or equipment at any time. GroundProbe’s focus on intuitive visualisation and sophisticated data analysis and alarming ensures geotechnical engineers understand the data and can take appropriate actions.

Reliability and usability- GroundProbe focuses on ensuring that its solutions have a high level of uptime and the users understand the data generated by the systems.

To support these objectives, GroundProbe has invested in global distribution, which enables high levels of customer service, sustainable, long-term maintenance programs, strong intellectual property which reflects GroundProbe’s focus on innovation, and deep customer relationships with all levels of mine management from the geotechnical engineers on site to the senior executives in head office.


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