If the risk of a failure is understood, a decision can be made.

Slope monitoring methods detect slope movement. When a high risk area is identified, radar is the most effective system to provide timely warning for safe evacuation.


GroundProbe’s Geotechnical Support Services (GSS), our specialist team of 13 fully-qualified and highly-experienced Geotechnical Engineers, offer a range of comprehensive services that assist our customers with effective slope stability risk management anywhere in the world.

GroundProbe’s Geotechnical Support Services covers a range of distinct services:


GSS-Training can assist with advanced geotechnical Slope Stability Radar training and ongoing development for staff and management through structured, competency-based training, assessment and certification. This can be delivered remotely by online and video conference, or in person at your office or on site.


GSS-Reporting allows advanced reports to be generated and customised to suit customer needs. The reports include detailed data analysis and interpretation of slope deformation and can be produced daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as required.


The GSS-Remote service provides customers with access to a dedicated 24-hour remote monitoring solution for mine sites anywhere around the globe.
Our remote monitoring team, all fully-qualified Geotechnical Engineers with extensive radar knowledge and experience, operate 24/7 from a central, remotely-located office.
Providing real-time support, the team monitor live radar data and respond to alarms and wall movement, remaining in close phone and online contact with site-based staff.


GSS-Local sees one or several of our fully-qualified Geotechnical Engineers providing in-person, on-the-ground monitoring. Flying in and out of site as needed, the flexible service can be tailored to suit any mine site across the globe and can be fully integrated with existing site processes and procedures.


GSS-Alarming encourages an iterative approach towards the application of SSR alarms. Offering competency-based on-site training to educate engineers in alarm back analysis, velocity analysis and radar data interpretation, the GSS team can present a detailed and complete methodology to align a mine site’s alarms with industry best practice. Site specific alarm thresholds are also generated from back analysis and site engineers are trained to monitor and track the effectiveness and applicability of these alarms for all situations.


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