"Every mine in the world should think seriously about having one of these."

John Simmons, Sherwood Geotechnical and Research Services

Ideal for use by production and drill and blast crews.

Developed to monitor work areas
  • Used to warn personnel of wall movement
  • Designed to be highly mobile and operational in minutes
  • All crew members alerted with lights and personal alerts
  • Reduces post-blasting production delays
Advanced analysis capabilities
  • The WAMonitor™ allows work crews to configure, analyse and interpret slope movement data from within the WAM™ vehicle
  • The WAM Analysis Pack™ is available as an additional suite of tools for Geotechnical Engineers or Geologists to remotely analyse slope movement data and alarm events
Combined, the advanced analysis capabilities of the WAM™:
  • Allows remote access to view and assess slope movement and set alarm parameters 
  • Helps users to create custom reports documenting analysis and slope movement behaviour 
Please click here to view the WAM™ technical specifications
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