If the risk of a failure is understood, a decision can be made.

Slope monitoring methods detect slope movement. When a high risk area is identified, radar is the most effective system to provide timely warning for safe evacuation.

With the development of the Slope Stability Radar (SSR™) in 2001, GroundProbe revolutionised safety in mining.

Crucial role in slope stability monitoring
  • Developed to remotely track the movement of slopes in open pit mines
  • Alarms warn of accelerated slope movement prior to wall failure
  • Allows mines to increase production in high risk areas
  • Improves mine planning and design
Advanced analysis capabilities
  • Advanced analysis tools allow for long term trending and hazard identification
  • Reporting tools allow easy data collation, presentation and export to standard mine software for further analysis and reporting
  • Photographs of the scan area allow user-friendly identification and interpretation of slope movements
  • Wall Continuation Wizard™ allows the restart of a wall folder if the system has to be temporarily moved for blasting or servicing
Operational in every imaginable mining terrain and condition
  • Inhospitable environments, including altitudes of 5000m above sea level
  • Extremes in weather, including temperatures from -40°C to +55°C
  • The harsh results of intense sun, rain, wind, snow and humidity
  • Every imaginable mining terrain across all commodity groups
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