All of GroundProbe’s Slope Stability Radar solutions use the one software package, SSR-Viewer. It processes the data produced by our radars, allowing our customers to make time-critical decisions vital to profitably and the safety of their employees.

Written for the modern mining workplace, SSR-Viewer’s patented front view, plan view and unique 3D view make data analysis intuitive and our advanced alarming and analysis capabilities set the benchmark for real time slope monitoring software. GroundProbe recently launched SSR-Viewer 8.4, an intuitive update to its SSR-Viewer software platform.



SSR-Viewer includes the following features:


• Catering to a range of user levels and expertise, the interface of our software allows for information to be collated in a clear and concise manner. Tabbed menus and a logical layout reduce screen clutter and provide maximum viewing area for focussing on data visualisation and analysis.
• Working in partnership with senior industry Geotechnical Engineers from around the world and continually taking on-board feedback from customers on site, the resultant interface and features are user-designed, intuitive and in tune with industry needs.


• SSR-Viewer has been developed from the ground up to include a range of safety-critical monitoring features that set the benchmark of safety in the mining industry. Features such as the SSR-Viewer Critical Monitoring mode, software and hardware watchdogs, remote back-up, health monitoring and a range of system alerts provide enhanced functionality and peace of mind.


• Flexible software architecture that allows for longer-term data storage, multi-dimensional analysis and several intuitive installation configurations.
• Allowing for wider collaboration between critical decision makers, data can be accessed locally and remotely on your PC, tablet or other internet connected device, instantly.


• Employing three distinct techniques to visualise Slope Stability Radar data, users can quickly understand and conduct a detailed analysis of the pit.
• Our patented Front View display aligns radar data with high resolution photographs captured live by the radar, while our patented Plan View display represents radar data and multiple layers of mapping data from above.
• Our third visualisation solution automatically generates a 3D model of a mine pit by using radar data to create a 3D terrain map, over which high resolution photos generated by the system are placed. This unique solution allows you to better understand the shape and location of geotechnical mechanisms and potential failures.


• SSR-Viewer 8 alarms are networked, stackable and accurate, providing confidence that you will be warned before a slope failure.
• Notifications and how they are received are selectable, providing clarity when configuring the software for an improved user experience.


• Can process and display data fast, saving you time and money and allowing you to make quick decisions.


• Ability to customise the layout of the software, and the tools you use most frequently, so you can quickly assess, and better understand your pit in an instant.
• The custom analysis tab allows you to view multiple types of radar data on a single, easily-configurable chart, allowing you to customise the way you want to analyse data.


• Ability to monitor from a single point over a 12-month period, allowing you to find and analyse long-term trends to better understand your wall behaviour.


• The extensive charting library features powerful tools that allow you to identify trends and correlations quicker, reduce the clutter of data and focus only on the specific problem.


• SSR-Viewer software has been configured to trigger self-maintenance routines for the radar hardware, increasing the life span of some of the critical components of the system.


• The enhanced deformation algorithm helps better manage turbulent atmospheric changes. The cleaner and more reliable data ensures the likelihood of missing a real slope movement is as low as reasonably practical.


• The Dynamic Stable Reference Areas algorithm semi-automates the atmospheric correction process, requiring minimal user input to keep the atmospheric correction under good configuration parameters.

To learn more about SSR-Viewer 8.4 and its new features, download the SSR-Viewer 8.4 flyer. 



In partnership with NavStar, GroundProbe customers now have access to NavStar’s GeoExplorer platform and accompanying GroundProbe module.

The data integration solution provides a range of features and benefits, offering new ways for you to view, interact and report on radar data.




• The GeoExplorer platform seamlessly syncs with GroundProbe’s SSR-Viewer 8.4 through the GroundProbe module, allowing customers to view data from multiple radars on the one screen, as well as historical and current data at the same time.



• The GeoExplorer system is a versatile software platform that integrates data from an extensive range of slope stability monitoring hardware. Additional GeoExplorer modules of any sensor type are available for you to build a fit-for-purpose solution. The integration of additional modules will allow you to interact with data in the same way regardless of the technology used to collect it.


• Radar displacement values can be graphed alongside InSAR data, prism displacements, water pressures or any other set of monitoring data, providing single-platform, real time monitoring on one screen. Standardised alarm triggers can be set up for all available sensor types within consistent, user-defined parameters.


• Together with our partners, 3vGeomatics, GroundProbe now offers satellite InSAR data that measures surface deformation from space. This technology can be used to monitor large areas with millimetre level precision. The data seamlessly imports into GeoExplorer through an InSAR module, unlocking the synergy of ground-based and satellite-based interferometric radar.

Please Click Here to watch our GeoExplorer Video


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