“I think it would be impossible to operate the cleaning of dams without the presence of the radar.” 
Antonio Augusto, Herculano Mining Site Manager


Monitoring Deformation of Tailings Dams

Slope Stability Radar (SSR) has been used extensively around the world for real-time monitoring of tailings dam embankments.

With sub-millimetre precision and safety-critical software systems, SSR is the solution of choice to alert decision makers of new geotechnical hazards in the banks of tailings dams. It is also widely used to proactively monitor known risks and hazards that have developed in the walls of tailings facilities.

With its 4.5 kilometre scan range, SSR-SARx monitors the walls of civilian dams as well as tailings dams. Available as a fixed installation, the radar can be securely mounted in one spot at a large stand-off distance, and can effectively monitor an entire dam wall quickly and easily with sub-millimetre precision.

Typically placed closer to the dam wall, SSR-XT is extensively used to monitor the stability of tailings facilities in mines where a known risk or hazard has been identified. A stand out example of where this method is employed is Herculano Mining in Brazil.

The SSR-XT is available as a mobile platform to quickly deploy in high-risk areas as well as a fixed installation for longer-term monitoring.

Our services for tailings monitoring extends beyond the provision of hardware. In Brazil we have enabled a remote alarming solution to notify staff or communities of ground movement when an alarm is raised.

With a dedicated team of Geotechnical Engineers around the globe, GroundProbe also provides customised reporting and monitoring services ranging from shift reports to daily, weekly or monthly reports. Our remote monitoring service entails around the clock 24-hour monitoring from a remote location or on site to allow rapid response to alarms that are raised by the radar as they happen.

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Herculano Mining Tailings Dam Case Study

On September 10, 2014, a tailings dump failure occurred in Retiro do Sapecado open pit mine, resulting in three fatalities, and damage to three mine trucks and two excavators.

Investigations indicated the accident was caused by a geological phenomenon, inversion of relief, caused by underground channels.

This devastating accident shocked the mine’s staff and community. The team at Herculano Mining needed a rapid response to secure the safety of their staff, and ensure such a failure would never again go undetected.

Following the accident, Herculano Mining immediately responded by acquiring GroundProbe’s SSR-XT to further monitor and assess risks during reinforcement work in affected areas, as well as desilting three dam ore tailings.

Herculano Site Manager, Antonio Augusto, said the radar is now imperative for site operations.

Download the complete Herculano Mining case study.


Download the media statement to read about how GroundProbe was able to provide immediate assistance to Samarco following a dam failure in November 2015. 

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