Long-range, long-term monitoring

GroundProbe has introduced synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to its suite of technologies; SSR-SARx.

A long-range, long-term monitoring solution, SSR-SARx is the highest resolution and longest range synthetic aperture radar with a 4.5 kilometre scan range. It detects fast and slow moving failures within a 4.5 kilometre distance. It is best suited in large sites where other radar technologies simply cannot effectively image walls at this distance. 

SSR-SARx works by generating narrow vertical beams coupled with long integration time allowing for monitoring of areas at longer ranges.

All processing occurs at the radar allowing standard WiFi links to deliver data in real-time.

SSR-SARx is also suited for long-term monitoring campaigns. Its synthetically generated data can be reprocessed over many years to detect small long-term changes which may not otherwise be detected by short-term monitoring campaigns. This system is a fixed install unit with pit geometry a factor to consider when determining radar location.

GroundProbe is proud to be the only vendor offering all three slope monitoring technologies: 2D Synthetic Aperture Radar such as SSR-SARx, 3D Real Aperture Radar such as SSR-XT, and 2D Real Aperture Radar such as SSR-FX.

All of GroundProbe’s systems including SSR-SARx use GroundProbe’s common software, SSR-Viewer, and is backed up by GroundProbe’s global support team, which operates all around the world, allowing you to save time and money when you need it most.

SSR-SARx fast facts:
  • SSR-SARx is a synthetic aperture radar with the highest resolution and longest range with a 4.5 kilometre scan range
  • All processing occurs at the radar allowing standard WiFi links to deliver data in real-time
  • SSR-SARx is ideal for long-range, long-term monitoring that aims to pick up small movements that occur over many months, which may not otherwise be detected by short-term monitoring campaigns
  • SSR-SARx boasts stunning resolution with pixels of 0.083 degrees by 75 centimetres
  • Rugged standalone system with embedded processing and analysing capabilities
  • SSR-SARx glides on its rail without starting and stopping in a patented “on the fly” acquisition method, allowing the fastest SAR scan speeds, with acquisition through to alarming taking only two minutes
  • SSR-SARx uses the market leading SSR-Viewer software—the same software as the SSR™ to comprehensively visualise and analyse data, allowing for a seamless and user-friendly experience
  • SSR-Viewer software includes safety-critical stackable alarms to effectively monitor vast areas of a mine for extended periods of time, to detect new failures or moving areas of a wall, and will alarm when a collapse is about to occur.
  • GroundProbe leverages 12 years of SAR experience by partnering with Italian company LiSALab, the pioneers of ground-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar (GBInSAR) who were the first company to bring the technology to market.





To understand how all three technologies work, watch the video below.


For more information on the SSR-SARx and its specifications, download the SSR-SARx flyer.

Download the media release on the launch of the SSR-SARx.

To learn more about the development of the SSR-SARx and how all GroundProbe technologies work,

download the release notes.

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