If the risk of a failure is understood, a decision can be made.

Slope monitoring methods detect slope movement. When a high risk area is identified, radar is the most effective system to provide timely warning for safe evacuation.

Broad area monitoring

GroundProbe's broad area radar, SSR-FX, is best suited to help detect "hot spots" of movement activity even in areas that are not critical to current mine operations, over long periods of time. SSR-FX does this best by monitoring a thin vertical stripe on the wall that is rotated left-to-right—like a fan—and does not have to move up-and-down—like a spotlight. This saves a lot of time as the SSR-FX can scan 180 degrees in less than two minutes. Saving time delivers better data quality over a large area.

SSR-FX is specifically designed for safety-critical monitoring. Processed data is immediately available for viewing and alarming at the end of every scan. This feature is specifically unique to GroundProbe.
SSR-FX uses GroundProbe’s SSR-Viewer 8.3 software with integrated visual images and stackable alarms. It shares common parts with the latest SSR-XT systems, and is covered by GroundProbe’s global support network and geotechnical support services.


SSR-FX fast facts:

  • SSR-FX uses a new antenna technology never-before-seen in the mining industry, which scans 180 degrees of a mine every two minutes, allowing mine personnel to work in large areas of their mine
  • The low profile antenna technology detects sub-millimetre movement anywhere on the wall slope, allowing mine operators to accurately detect and predict future collapses, even in high wind operations
  • SSR-FX is a Real Aperture Radar which gives unrivalled broad area coverage, using a pixel resolution of over 1.4 million per scan, updated every two minutes, with a maximum diameter of 5.6km – a faster speed than any other competing technology
  • SSR-FM scans equally fast and is better suited to shorter range applications. 
  • SSR-FX includes the market leading SSR-Viewer software – the same software as the SSR™ – to comprehensively visualise and analyse data, allowing for seamless and user friendly experience
  • SSR-FX includes safety-critical stackable alarms to effectively monitor vast areas of a mine for extended periods of time, to detect new failures or moving areas of a wall, and will alarm when a collapse is about to occur.


For more information on the SSR-FX and its specifications, download the SSR-FX flyer.

Download the media release on the launch of the SSR-FX.

To learn more about the development of the SSR-FX, download the release notes.

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