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Extreme Cold Weather Shelter

Whether you are in the most northern or southern part of the world, our Extreme Cold Weather Shelter has got you covered. It has been designed to house your SSR and guarantee full protection in extreme wintry conditions, improving the performance of the system by keeping the radar within recommended temperature ranges.

With the ability to withstand extremely low temperatures, the shelter provides the right amount of insulation to optimise and maintain system health.

The way our Extreme Cold Weather Shelter works, is it provides a safe enclosure and allows for the right amount of heating inside, so personnel can work comfortably and safely. It has been designed for sites with temperatures lower than minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Our R&D team have designed the shelter using a specialised clear curved window at the front, which allows the camera and radar waves to see through the window, to accurately monitor and analyse the data.

SSR Shelter

Our SSR Shelter is a convenient and protective accessory that may eliminate the need to remove an SSR during a blast, saving time and creating peace of mind, knowing the radar is out of harm’s way.

Designed to withstand moderate impacts during scheduled mine site blasting, the shelter is used specifically to protect your SSR from small fly rock during the blasting process.

Our SSR Shelter is compatible with fixed radars for long-term monitoring and mobile radars for short-term monitoring campaigns. It is specifically designed for our SSR-FX and SSR-MT.

SSR Hybrid Power Trailer 

Our SSR Hybrid Power Trailer is the industry’s leading low-touch power generation system that allows you to utilise solar and wind energy, without the need to rely on a diesel generator as a sole power source.

An environmentally friendly and efficiency-focused piece of equipment, the SSR Hybrid Power Trailer has 1.2 kilowatts of solar panels on board, and is coupled with a 600 watt state-of-the-art wind turbine, which floats using the power of magnetic levitation for frictionless efficient power generation.

Our SSR Hybrid Power Trailer allows you to save time and reduce costs by decreasing your reliance on the diesel generator. You save time by not having to refuel with diesel, and your running costs in diesel, labour, oil, and engine consumables are reduced.

Made with A-Grade material, our SSR Hybrid Power Trailer is truly built for tough mining conditions. It is a maintenance-free system that is rust, dust and waterproof, meaning there is no wear and tear in any given environment.

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Electric Jack Retrofit Kit

GroundProbe’s retrofittable electric jack kit has been designed to truly save you time and effort when deploying your SSR-XT. An upgrade from the manual winding jacks, GroundProbe’s electric jack retrofit kit allows you to safety deploy your radar, rapidly speed up deployment time, and eliminate physical exertion and risk of muscle strain.

Watch the video demonstration below to learn how your SSR-XT can be safely deployed in only two minutes using our electric jack retrofit kit. 

For more information on our Electric Jack Retrofit Kit, download the flyer.

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