At a glance...

20+ lives saved in the first years of operation.

500+ wall failures detected.

200+ radars deployed in 24 countries.

12 global offices.

150+ people employed worldwide.

50+ support technicians.

At the heart of GroundProbe’s approach is driving productivity and safety metrics at mine sites.

GroundProbe believes they can assist miners through: 

Maximising safety of mine personnel and equipment. 
Click here to read how Thompson Creek Mine managed a 70,000 ton failure without injuries or damages. 

Production optimisation. 
Click here to read how PT Bayan optimised coal recovery in a time of declining coal prices. 

Decreasing required overburden removal (slope steepening). 
Click here to read how GroundProbe helped Codelco Andina achieve their slope steepening goals (p. 53-55/166).  

Increasing mineable areas. 
Click here to read how Leigh Creek Mine safely expanded its operations through the use of SSR. 


We take our mission seriously because we know that our unconditional commitment to this purpose will help us to achieve our vision of making mining safer.

Provide high value information to help our customers to better manage risk

Making mining safer

Our values define the way we work and interact with our customers, partners, people, investors, community and our environment. They guide us and help us to retain a culture of respect, innovation, and commitment to our industry.

• Safety first
• Customer focus
• Innovative solutions
• Honesty and integrity
• People matter

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