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20+ lives saved in the first years of operation.

500+ wall failures detected.

200+ radars deployed in 24 countries.

12 global offices. 

150+ people employed worldwide.

50+ support technicians.

Green Paper - Real Aperture Radar for Safety-Critical Slope Monitoring

This paper explains the radar physics evidence which demonstrates why Real Aperture Radar (RAR) is the best radar technology to provide robust alarming for monitoring slope behaviour.

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Comparing Real Beam and Synthetic Aperture Techniques for Slope Stability Radar

There are significant differences in the real-beam and synthetic aperture techniques which impact on the best choice of system for a particular application.

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A new and easy-to-use slope radar tool for mine production crews

Mine production and drill-and-blast crews may be exposed to unexpected movement of ground when working under pit slopes.

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Case Studies of Slope Stability Radar used in Coal Mines

This paper presents case studies about how the Slope Stability Radar (SSRTM) system provided adequate warning to safeguard people and equipment prior to a highwall and low wall failure at two Australian coal mines.

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Slope Stability Radar for Managing Rock Falls in Open Cut Mines

The management of risks associated with slope instability is an essential process in the safe and economic operation of open cut mines. The 'slope stability radar' (SSR) has been developed to better manage those risks.

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